Other Services & Solutions

Facility Management Services

The aim of this service is to help customers realize their IT investments by managing their technology infrastructure to ensure availability, reliability, security and performance.

Depending upon the client’s requirements, these services can be provided on a 365x24x7 basis and encompass a host of customized solutions & service that may include – planning and design, procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance, system management, telephone/helpdesk support and on-site hardware repair and software support.

Our Facility Management Services consists of :

  • Optional 365x24x7 support;
  • Value Added services (OS support, Application support, Anti-virus Support);
  • Management & Administration Services (systems & servers, network);
  • Preventive Maintenance;
  • Network consultancy, design & implementation;
  • Asset Management;
  • Auditing Services

Server Based Solutions

Our Server based solutions which involve both Microsoft® products and Linux distributions (primarily Red Hat®) as well as Novell® and UnixWare® consists Intranet/Internet web hosting implementations using MS-Internet Information Server® (on Microsoft® platform) and Apache (Linux).

Installation, configuration of secure gateway for Internet access, using firewall & proxy services with added options like access control lists (ACL) and content filtering.

Installation, configuration of name serviceor DNS on MS Windows® and Linux (Bind).

Implementation of electronic messaging & collaboration services (E-mail) on both MS-Windows® (using MS Exchange Server) and Linux (using Sendmail / Postfix / Qmail), with added features like spam filtering, web mail, etc.

Other than above, we also provide services like :

  • Operating System hardening: installation of updates, service packs, patches and bug fixes
  • Implementation of RAID and load balancing features to ensure high availability of server systems
  • Server monitoring, management, troubleshooting,performance monitoring & tuning

Networking Solutions

We provide network design and implementation after thorough assessment of the customers’ needs based on the following criterion:

  • Performance & Bandwidth requirements
  • Applications used
  • Network Management / Monitoring requirements
  • Security requirements

Our network solution offerings cover the following areas :

  • Local / WideAreaNetworking – design & implementation
  • Structured cabling
  • Network monitoring,management, troubleshooting, performance monitoring & tuning
    Site certification & documentation
  • Switching & routing solutions
  • ISDN Solutions, Frame relay and xDSL connectivity
  • Network security solutions
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solutions
  • Wireless networking solutions
  • Vo-IP & Video Conferencing Solutions
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