Hardware / Networking / Facility Management Services

RDG Systems & Software Private Limited, provides various services and solutions in the field of Information Technology. Such services an solutions can be broadly categorized under:

Maintenance Services – Includes contracts wherein we provide various onsite/offsite maintenance and value added services to the customer.

Facility Management Services are provided to customers who need constant assistance in managing, monitoring and supporting their IT resources.

Networking Solutions deal with network infrastructure design & implementation, structured cabling, wireless solutions, switching & routing solutions, Vo-IP solutions, ISDN / Frame relay, security solutions like – firewall & VPN installations, etc.

Server Solutions comprises of design and deployment of network services like file & print, web server, FTP, mail & messaging server, proxy and content/spam filtering firewall servers. Server solutions also include implementation of various server redundancy and load balancing features like RAID and clustering.

Annual Maintenance Services

We at RDG are in the business of providing onsite technical support to a large client base located in and around Kolkata as well as all across the Indian states of West Bengal.

Through Comprehensive and Non-comprehensive maintenance contracts, we provide :

  • On site Maintenance / Repairs / rectification / upgrade /downgrade, patches / drivers / BIOS / update / installations for all Intel based PC’s and servers (both of RDG make & multi-brand), printers and internet appliances;
  • Offsite repair services for computers and their sub-systems and peripherals in our repair workshops;
    Provide preventive maintenance services on periodical basis to fine tune systems so as to minimize downtime due to system failures;
  • Provide telephonic helpdesk support to deal with standard usage problems, technical queries, installation issues, etc.

We categorize our clients into L1 / L2 / L3 levels, based upon their specific need for technical support and the criticality of their business systems. The service level agreement (SLA ) entered into, with the client detail the following points:

  • Response Time (Typically 4 hours within city and next business day for out-station locations);
  • Availability of on-site support ( 8×6);
  • Availability of helpdesk (8×6);
  • Periodical preventive maintenance;
    Scope of support (Limitation of technical support services to hardware only, or inclusion of OS / Applications / Anti-Virus. etc.);
    Escalation Procedure;
  • Support summary;
    Client & vendor responsibility
    Failure in service due to infrastructure problems (both at client’s end as well as vendor’s end)

In order to maintain quality service and ensure highest level of client satisfaction, we regularly carry out customer feedback surveys detailing the following:

  • Service level performance
  • Problem solving performance
  • Reporting & service summary
  • Cooperativeness & competence of support & back-office staff



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